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The story begun when Nazzareno Orlandoni (but the industry knows him as Mimmo all over the world) created the company to manufacture parts for accordions and reed organs in 1957 under the name Orlandoni And Co. In the early days of the company, Mimmo was joined by Alfio Monaci (Mimmo's brother-in-law) the new company name was chosen and the ORLA company was established in 1965 in Castelfidardo, the musical instrument capital of Italy. The company went into the production of electronic organs and quickly established a reputation in the world market and it is now the only company in Italy and Europe known as full line manufacturer producing Home Organs, Church Organs, Digital Pianos, Portable Keyboards and Sound Modules and Electronic Accordions.
The main strategy of ORLA is to make sure that the family tradition of good and reliable products with the typical taste of the Italian culture will by provided in all products. The sounds are selected and carefully sampled making sure that the result will be a warm and clear sound, pleasant for the beginners and for the professional players alike. The styles are the result of long hours of meetings of the ORLA players from Europe (Italy, England, Germany and Holland) to make sure that the overall package will be in tune with the request of the market.